Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stop Rove

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Rove, one of the architects of the war on Iraq, was also involved in the politicization of the justice department,  and the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame.  Rove is now running  American Crossroads Super PAC and is petitioning the FEC to change some rules.   American Crossroads, where corporations meet the  super wealthy 1% to buy elections for politicians malleable to the wants of the few and immune to the needs of the many.

From Credo:
Rove and his Super PAC American Crossroads want to tear down the thin wall that prevents Super PACs -- which can accept unlimited, easily hidden contributions -- from coordinating directly with candidates and their campaigns -- which have strict contribution limits.
The prohibition on coordination is one of the few remaining rules separating our so-called democratic elections from becoming a no-holds-barred, corporate cash free-for-all. So it's no surprise that Rove has asked the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) if he can get around it, by running coordinated political advertisements, featuring candidates the PAC is supporting.

Tell the FEC No way, stop Rove, submit your comments here 
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