Thursday, December 8, 2011

Google Users, Encourage Google to Quit the US Chamber of Commerce

US Chamber of Commerce is not a force for Democracy in America.  Rather the US Chamber of Commerce, when its not too busy moving US jobs overseas is pushing America into a Plutocracy.   My blog is on Google's site and it annoys me that Google is a member of the US chamber of commerce.   Shifting jobs overseas is bad enough but supporting, almost exclusively the GOP who work for only the 1% the US Chamber of Commerce does not support policies that are good for America.  Rather the US Chamber of Commerce, like the GOP is a tool of the 1% lobbying for laws good for corporations and CEO's but bad for America.  Close to 200,000 people have signed this petition, please add one more. 
Right now we have a huge opportunity to deal what's being called a "serious blow to one of Washington's most powerful lobbies."1

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is an army of lobbyists for hire by mega-corporations like banks and those in the fossil fuel industry. In 2009, it spent more corporate money on lobbying than the next five biggest spenders combined.2 And 93% of its campaign spending goes to support Republicans and attack Democrats.3
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