Saturday, December 3, 2011

Video: No-Knead Bread Making With Jim Leahy and Mark Bittman

Our whole family is a huge fan of Jim Leahy and his famous No-Knead bread. We have been baking his bread for almost 3 years and we still love it. My friend Jay tipped me off today that Mark Bittman had done a video with Jim Leahy. Thanks Jay! What's especially interesting is how adaptable and easy this recipe is to experimentation. Over time we have varied from the original recipe quite a bit. We do not preheat the pot (too many burns), we cook at a lower temperature, mostly 425-450F, and we rarely use wheat germ. The deep dark brown crust that bakers love, is not as welcome among the eaters at my house. Most of my family prefers a softer, less crunchy loaf on the outside, which is accomplished with the lower temperatures. We still get the same spongy bubbly bread, just in a softer crust. With Mr Leahy's method you can bake it your way, and odds are excellent your bread will be outstanding.

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