Friday, January 6, 2012

Fading Nautica Swimtrunks

Near the end of October I received a complimentary pair of Nautica swim trunks to replace a pair that had faded very quickly.  These were great trunks and I was most pleased.  However, they have faded also.
My great new pair of Nautica Swim Trunks
This is what they looked a month after receiving them.  I visit a public swimming pool 3 or 4 times a week for about an hour of exercise.  The trunks have never  been washed. 
By now, I knew the replacement trunks were fading fast, so this photo is about 6 weeks after receiving the trunks.

This photo is just a few days over 2 months from when I received the complimentary swim trunks from Nautica.  The faded yellow and blue aren't bad, but the faded green, is close to skin color and looks gross.  I wrote to Nautica several weeks ago asking them why their swim trunks fade when none of my other swim trunks from other manufacturers have faded.  I've yet to hear an answer from them.   These were comfortable swim trunks and I enjoyed them until they started looking gross.  Maybe a couple more weeks of wearing them and the colors will completely fade? 

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