Monday, January 9, 2012

Romney: "I like to fire people"

Mitt Romney enjoys firing people?  I've never met anyone who enjoyed firing people.  Mitt also claimed he was afraid of getting a pink slip.  No one in his campaign office can supply a date, time or enterprise when Williard Romney was in danger of getting a pink slip.   Governor Rick Perry, chided Romney saying: Romney passed out so many pink slips his only concern was running out of them.
Right now we’ve got a president that wants to turn America into an entitlement society, where government takes from some to give to others, where government takes over certain enterprises and tries to guide the winners and losers of their choosing. My view is, the right course for America is to heed to the principles upon which we were based and remain as a merit society.
"Government takes from some and gives to others"?   How about when government influenced by large amounts of money doesn't take a fair share from corporations and the wealthy and gives the bill to the poor and the middle class?  Mitt Romney tries to sidetrack the public.  What is rotten in Washington DC is people and corporations with almost limitless money make all the rules to benefit: themselves. 
 As head of Bain Capitol, Williard Romney took businesses from communities, jobs from citizens, pensions from workers and gave himself and his company very large sums of money.  Apparently, Williard Romney feels that the only wealth redistribution he is in favor of is when Williard Romney is benefiting from the redistribution. 

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