Monday, January 30, 2012

Republican Oil Puppets

Big Oil is using all those big tax breaks we give them to push very hard to resart the Keystone Xl Pipeline. Great less than 2 minute video from Sierra Club National.

Big Oil’s Puppets Love Keystone XL from Sierra Club National on Vimeo.
Who wants to build a risky, dirty 1,700 mile oil pipeline across America's heartland? Big Oil and their lobbyists, that's who. Guess who else? Their political puppets!

The Republican presidential candidates have a lot to say about how much they love the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. But there's a few crucial facts that just don't seem to come out of their mouths. They don't say that the pipeline is hauling highly toxic crude over some of our nation's most critical water sources. They fail to mention how the first Keystone pipeline caused fourteen oil spills since 2010. And they NEVER say how much money Big Oil companies have given their campaigns.

Check out this video to hear what these puppets are saying about Big Oil's pet project and learn the truth about the dirty oil money that's been filling their bank accounts.
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