Monday, January 23, 2012

Join The Trust Women Online March


On Friday, the president took a huge step forward for women's health, finally requiring insurance companies to treat women equally by covering contraception costs.
But believe it or not, Republican presidential candidates and legislators are fighting against that basic healthcare need, as well as supporting extreme restrictions on reproductive care.2 And because this is an election year, women's health and reproductive justice are in the spotlight.
That's why we're joining over 50 organizations in the Trust Women online march. Millions of women and men across the country support comprehensive healthcare for women and reproductive freedom.3 This online march is a way for us to stand in solidarity, show our numbers, and send a strong message to elected officials that we're watching and we vote.
Every single republican presidential candidate wants to shut down Planned Parenthood.  All of them support the personhood amendment.  The personhood amendment would classify a fertilized egg as a human being.  Passing this amendment would mean that most popular methods of birth control would be outlawed.  Women who have miscarriages could be investigated and prosecuted.  This personhood amendment gives a few cells more rights than the mother who carries them.  It's way past time to stop republicans from interfering in women's private medical care.   The latest intrusive republican government regulations concerning women's reproductive care stipulate exactly what medical practitioners say and exactly what women should hear in the doctors office.  It's time to get republicans out of women's reproductive healthcare.   The republican war on women will not succeed if we all stand up, support, and VOTE for candidates that trust women. Women should be allowed to make their own medical decisions without interference from old white conservative men. 

Click here to join the march and send your message.
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