Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tell Speaker Boehner: Keep your hands off women's reproductive rights

From NARAL Pro-Choice America:
Under Boehner’s watch, the U.S. House of Representatives held eight votes on choice in 2011!
We will not stand by and let him repeat attacks on a woman’s right to make personal, private health-care decisions in 2012. Join me in challenging Speaker Boehner to put an end to the War on Women and stop holding votes that attack choice this year.
Boehner’s 2011 attacks made clear that he could not care less about women’s health, privacy, and dignity.
His “Let Women Die” bill (H.R.358) gives hospitals the right to refuse to provide a woman with emergency, lifesaving abortion care – even if she will die without it.
His “Rape Audits” bill (H.R.3) could spur the Internal Revenue Service to audit rape survivors who choose abortion care.
He almost shut down the entire federal government over women’s access to birth control and cancer screenings.
No wonder approval ratings for Congress are at record lows: Boehner ignored our country’s real challenges and ruthlessly attacked women’s health care and privacy.
That’s why we’re issuing a commonsense challenge to Boehner: hold no anti-choice votes in 2012.
When you add your name, you’ll be signing onto our letter: As a pro-choice American, I’m writing to ask that you focus on our country’s economic challenges instead of attacking women’s access to safe, legal reproductive-health care, including abortion. Another year of holding votes undermining women’s freedom and privacy is out of touch with our country’s values and priorities
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    With the elections having passed and the ongoing implementation of healthcare reform, women’s access to contraception is all over the news. Setting the politics aside, did you know that many unplanned pregnancies – and abortions – are the result of not using birth control or using it incorrectly?

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