Monday, January 16, 2012

Lunchpail Republicans

Governor Mitch Daniels and his republican legislature have enlisted in the republican war on Labor unions. The Indiana legislature is trying to rush "right to work" legislation before the world's most famous union members come to town February 5, 2012 for Superbowl XLVI.  This ad was produced and paid for by Lunchpail Republicans who are dismayed  with Governor Mitch Daniels and his republican legislature interfering in the private sector.  Lunchpail republicans believe that government has no right to interfere with business owners in their financial dealings with labor.  It's evident even to ordinary republicans that Republicans in office today are little more than tools for ALEC, the corporations and the 1%.  David Fagan, chairman of the lunchpail republicans is determined to fight in order to return his party to the control of the citizens.

David Fagan, Chairman of the Lunchpail Republicans on the Rachel Maddow Show,

Lunchpail Republicans Website
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