Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Let's Raise Mitt Romney's Taxes

Mitt Willard Romney pays less than half the tax rate of most people who "work" for a living.    Willard thinks his rate is too high.  Willard's tax plan if he is elected would cut his taxes in half while raising taxes on the working poor.  Here is a better progressive idea.  How about we instate the "Buffet rule" meaning Willard will have to pay the same tax rate as most average Americans; about 30% only on income over a million dollars.
We are sure Willard will be delighted to help with America's deficit, failing infrastructure and inadequately funded education programs.  Sign the petition and make Mitt pay a fair share, Mitt will thank you for it. 

from USA Action/True Majority:
 Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is introducing the “Pay A Fair Share Act” today in the Senate. This bill would make it so millionaires and billionaires paying lower tax rates than the middle class would have to pay a 30 percent effective tax rate.1
President Obama asked for the “Buffett Rule” in his State of the Union speech, calling it "common sense".  Sen. Whitehouse, a Democrat from Rhode Island, answered the call. But we need your help to make it happen. Can you please sign our petition today to show your support?

Under the current laws, loopholes and special provisions allow some of the wealthiest Americans to pay lower effective tax rates than middle class families. For example Mitt Romney paid only 13.9% on his millions in income in 2010. That’s just not fair. It’s time that the 1% paid the same tax rates as the 99%.
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