Monday, February 27, 2012

Republican Budget Cuts; Losing a Generation

From Service  
In 2011 AmeriCorps received 582,000 applications for just 82,000 jobs.  In the last two years our nation has turned down over a million applicants.  With the current high unemployment and interest rates at almost zero it's almost criminal not to dramatically increase funding for AmeriCorps.  Yet, last year Eric Cantor (R) tried to completely cut funding for the program, and it was only restored after a huge outpouring of support for AmeriCorps.  These young people are volunteering to work in our parks, schools, nursing homes and economically hard hit neighborhoods for practically nothing.  There is no money for these energetic young people.  Billions for Afghanistan and Iraq, but nothing for America.  America the home of fading infrastructure, crumbling cities and failing education amid the rise of the Super Rich.   This is the lasting immutable legacy of the Bush tax cuts and the two wars. 
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