Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mitt the "Job Creator"

Republicans have been saying for a decade that we can't tax the job creators.  Mitt Romney has enough money to be a job creator, but how many jobs has he created in the last decade?   We know he has provided some employment for illegal immigrants to do his yardwork but has he built any factories in the last 10 years?   Nope.   Has he started any small business in the last decade? Nope.  Worse yet, Mitt wanted Detroit to declare bankruptcy which would have been the end of American Automobile Manufacturing in the US.  Mitt doesn't care about American jobs.  Instead of providing jobs for Americans Mitt sent his money on a decade long vacation in the Cayman Islands. Last year he closed his Swiss Bank Account, because he thought it might look bad. Mitt was right about that. Mitt hasn't been creating any jobs for the last decade and in spite of his 5 year long hunt, Mitt can't even find a job for himself. Would you hire Mint Raw Money, as Norman Goldman calls Williard Romney?  Would you work for Mint Raw Money?  The one percent are not job creators, they already have a full time job just hanging onto the money they have and trying to avoid paying taxes.  The 99% are the job creators because we create demand, if our tax system favored the 99 percent instead of the 1% we would create a lot more jobs.  Let's do a decade long test, make the wealthy pay 50% and everyone else pay 15% and we'll really see who the job creators are. 
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