Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rep. Issa(R-Ca) Takes Male Privilege to New Heights

Clueless Rep. Darrel Issa Photo from Think Progress
Who would have a hearing on contraception without any women on the witness panel?  Rep. Darrel Issa (R-CA)
"Lines Crossed: Separation of Church and State. Has the Obama administration trampled on Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Conscience?"  The hearing title, a lesson in obfuscation, lacks any reference to contraception which is at the heart of this Catholic bishops and Republican inflated controversy.  These old men get to testify how their "consciences" are offended by women having access to birth control,  but no women are there to testify about their rights and medical needs for birth control.  What a joke, but its not funny.  Tara Murtha of the Philadelphia Weekly tweeted this:
“Inspired by @DarrellIssa, I’m holding a panel on the rights of mice. Inviting 9 of my favorite cats to speak.”

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Ca) and congresswoman Eleanor Norton also spoke out on Hardball about the hearing. 
To their credit, three Democratic representatives walked out of the hearing.  I'm leaving the final word here to Katie Halper who wrote: Ten Deep Thoughts on the All-Male Panel on My Vagina

  10. I'm holding a hearing in which an all female panel will testify for weekly colonoscopies performed on the male clergy and GOP members who participated in today's hearing. We will also discuss Virginia State Sen. Janet Howell's amendment requiring men to have a rectal exam and a cardiac stress test before obtaining a prescription for erectile dysfunction medication.
Emily's List has a petition:
 Tell the GOP to leave women's health care to women!

Planned Parenthood has a Petition:
Tell Congress: Stop trying to block women's access to Birth Control
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