Monday, February 6, 2012

Support the New No Cost Birth Control Policy


Thanks to the Obama administration, nearly all women will soon have access to birth-control coverage at no cost. It’s a huge victory for our country, where 99 percent of women use birth control at some point in their lives.
In developing this policy that will significantly improve women’s health, the Obama administration resisted a pressure campaign from anti-contraception groups. These groups wanted to allowed many employers, including universities and hospitals, to refuse to cover birth control.
Unfortunately, those anti-contraception groups continue to call on the White House to rescind its policy.
It’s up to pro-choice Americans to speak up for birth-control coverage. Sign your name to let the administration know that you are with them 100 percent.
 Sign the petition supporting No Cost birth control

 From NARAL Pro-Choice America

What we’re seeing is a coordinated effort to deny women coverage for basic family-planning services. Last week, the Susan G. Komen Foundation decided to discontinue providing grant money for cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood. Now, anti-contraception forces have launched a multi-million dollar campaign to overturn the new no-cost birth control policy. 
The good news is that – as you know – pro-choice Americans like you pulled together and convinced Komen to reverse course. You made that victory possible. We must continue to work together and defeat this next attempt to take away women’s birth-control coverage.
Thank you so much for adding your name

Sign the petition supporting No Cost birth control

 NOTE: Signing the White House petition requires creating an account with Email verification and password.

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