Friday, June 24, 2011

Campaign for better care: sign the letter to your representatives


Urge Congress NOT to cut Medicare and Medicaid — and to instead advance measures that will lower health care costs and improve care!

On Capitol Hill, talk of cutting Medicare and Medicaid has created a political firestorm. And some say cutting these programs is the only way to balance the federal budget.

At the Campaign for Better Care, we say “no” to arbitrarily gutting the programs the most vulnerable people in our communities rely on for basic health care.

Cutting Medicare and Medicaid would put health care coverage at risk for millions and would devastate older adults with multiple health problems. It would mean many doctors would turn away Medicare and Medicaid patients. It would mean uncertain futures for patients living in nursing homes. And it would mean many seniors would not be able to afford their medications or the medical equipment that helps them continue living in their own homes.

There is a better way. At the Campaign for Better Care, we know there are better ways to provide quality care at lower cost.

Take action today!

Better care means taking common sense steps that protect patients and save money.

It means improving communication and coordination so that patients aren’t sent home from the hospital without the information and follow-up care they need — increasing their risk for ending up back in the hospital.

It means better teamwork — and it means putting systems in place, like electronic health records, to avoid mistakes and complications like medication errors and hospital infections.

And it most definitely does NOT mean slashing Medicare and Medicaid, and putting health care at risk for millions of Americans, including older adults with multiple health problems!

That’s why we’re urging Congress to explore ways to lower health care costs and improve care at the same time.

Join us in contacting Congress, and together we’ll continue our work to ensure that all Americans have access to better coordinated, higher quality, more affordable health care.


Debra Ness
Leader, Campaign for Better Care

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