Thursday, June 16, 2011

Republican Priorities: caviar for the rich and cat food for seniors

What is Tefap?   Tefap not only helps low income families supplement their diet, they also help thousands of low income seniors by giving them a home delivered nutritious food package.   Tefap also provides about 25% of the food supplied to food banks and soup kitchens.  With unemployment nearing double digits now the republicans want to make the most vulnerable in our society, pay the price of their 8 year spending spree?  One DAY of the extended bush tax cuts could fund this program for the entire year.  Republicans want caviar for the wealthy and cat food for our seniors.  Wait, the clueless and mascara encrusted hypocrite Eric Cantor is hollering something:  "Let them eat cake".   Republicans, clueless and heartless. 
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