Saturday, June 18, 2011

Debbie Wasserman Schultz speaks at Netroots Nation

"Still, Republicans continue to tout the same failed policies.  They’re saying cutting taxes for the wealthy and allowing business to self-regulate again is a silver bullet for the economy, that we should just trust them. But we know better than that. We saw what happened under President Bush.
Republicans’ policies were bad for America then and they’re bad for America now.
Republicans want to repeal financial reform – setting Americans up for another financial crisis in the future.
Debbiewassermanschultz                 Image via Wikipedia And Republicans want to do away with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – taking us back to the days when Americans could be buried by the fine print on their mortgage or credit card agreement.
But Republicans aren’t just bad on the economy – they’re trying to take away some of our most fundamental rights.
We’ve seen Republican Governors strip away the rights of public employees to collectively bargain in Wisconsin and Ohio.
We’ve seen Republicans in Congress take steps to try and drastically curtail  women’s reproductive rights.
We’ve seen Republican Governors in states like Florida and Wisconsin enacting voting laws that restrict voters’ rights to cast their ballots.  In more than 35 states across America, Republicans have pushed for photo ID laws that cost states millions and hurt minorities, the elderly, and young voters.
The Democratic Party will fight these laws and we are continuing to work to expand the electorate.  But we’re going to need your help!"

Full text of the chairs' speech at netroots nation conference
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