Saturday, June 4, 2011

Republicans demand "stop telling the truth" about us

This ad run by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America targeting Republican Charlie Bass prompted the National Republican Congressional Committee to write the TV stations airing the ad demanding that they stop running it.  They claim it is
" a malicious attempt to mislead voters by spreading false information".

In a letter to TV stations, the National Republican Congressional Committee and Charlie Bass wrote:

It has come to our attention that the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America (“Progressive Change”) has purchased air time on your cable network to run a negative advertisement targeting Charlie Bass...

The Advertisement states, in pertinent part, that “Charlie Bass voted to END Medicare.” This is completely false... a vote in favor of the [Paul Ryan] Budget Resolution was a vote to protect Medicare for future seniors.

from the PCCC:
"We polled Bass's district, and by 2 to 1 his constituents don't believe Republicans are trying to "save" Medicare.

And Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman wrote about ending Medicare: "that’s just what it is. If you replace a system that actually pays seniors’ medical bills with an entirely different system, one that gives seniors vouchers that won’t be enough to buy adequate insurance, you’ve ended Medicare."

Matthew Yglesias:
"If a political movement committed to having that program “wither on the vine” and die puts forward a bill to abolish that program and replace it with a system of private vouchers, then it doesn’t matter whether or not the voucher program is still called Medicare. That’s what House Republicans voted to do, and there’s nothing even slightly misleading about calling this an effort to end Medicare. What’s misleading is the effort to use nomenclature to obscure the nature of the

In this clip Rachel Maddow has immense fun with this story

If you would like to chip in $3 dollars to keep this ad running click here
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