Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Republicans war against the middle class win another battle

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Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, yes, that's the governor that spent 40 minutes talking to a disk jockey who claimed he was David Koch.  Scott Walker entered this war by cutting benefits for the poor and middle class while giving tax breaks to the wealthy;  the Wisconsin version of supply side stupidity.  Scott Walker has claimed that the unions were bankrupting the state and that it was necessary to remove collective bargaining rights from state unions.  Also, they wanted the union members to pay more for pensions and health care insurance, effectivelly giving all the state  workers an 8% pay cut. Democratic Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller says Walker and Republicans’ efforts to attack unions has resulted in months of "legal wrangling, unprecedented political divisiveness and cost millions of dollars."

But there is hope.  Six republican senators are up for recall elections in July.   However, the republicans are presenting obstacles to that vote.  By introducing "fake democrats" to run in primaries against the democratic candidates, the election will be held a month later.  Somehow, the republicans feel that everyone will cool off and forget about all the republican lies, duplicity and grandiose power grab.    Some have urged democrats to run fake republicans to force the republicans senators into primaries also.  Mike Tate, the chair of the democratic party in Wisconsin issued this statement:  “We cannot and will not stoop to the Republicans’ level by encouraging candidates to lie about their party affiliation, or recommending that people try to deceive voters. We never have done that, and won’t start now. This is something that every single one of our six challengers has said they adamantly oppose. Fred Clark, Jess King, Shelly Moore, Nancy Nusbaum, Jen Shilling and Sandy Pasch — along with Senator Miller — all contacted the party over the last 24 hours to make it crystal clear this was absolutely the wrong tactic."

5 of the 6 democrats running against the republicans in the recall elections are women and they all are pro-choice.  Emily's list is sounding the drumbeat with a petition of support and also raising funds for  these democratic challengers.   The Koch brothers and their allies are going to spend incredible amounts of money to defeat these women.  You can help by signing the petition, that just takes a second.  People for the American way also plan a campaign to support the 6 democratic senators starting July 26 just two weeks before the election. 
Emily's List Petition of support

People for the American Way: Fighting the Republican  battle against the middle class in Wisconsin
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