Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Republican Message to American children

Hey kids, listen up.  You don't have enough to eat today, because we are worried about the wealthy and corporations.  It's very expensive cutting taxes for the wealthy, we have to cut your food program for a whole year, just to give billionaires one week of bush's holy tax breaks.  Big Companies like GE, Chevron, Citigroup, Exxon and bank of America aren't paying taxes so your getting bigger classes and no we can't fix your gym or buy you new text books either.  We give huge tax breaks to oil companies because they give us lots of money to run our election campaigns, so we have to make lots of cuts to programs like your food, healthcare and education.  So toughen up, we all have to make sacrifices.   Why, even the defense department isn't getting as big an increase in spending as they wanted.  Recently, we had to give wall street and the big banks  trillions of dollars, that's a lot of money. It's so much money all the kids in America couldn't eat the food it would buy in a 100 years.  The banks have had tough times, Bank of America only got a 1.9 billion dollar refund check from the IRS last year. But good news, if your grandparents are in a nursing home, their coming home; to live with you and your parents, forever.  Oh and stop sending us letters to hire your dad or mom, jobs will come back some day, until then collect bottles by the side of the road or try selling lemonade on the front lawn.   

the republicans 

P.S.  we republicans are working hard to erase child labor laws so you can get a real job and work as long as you can stay on your feet. 

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