Monday, June 27, 2011

Is a criminal sitting on the Supreme Court?

When someone breaks the law, we call them criminals.  Justice Thomas repeatedly broke the law and should be removed immediately from the Supreme Court.  From 2003 to 2009 Clarence Thomas wrote "none" on his financial disclosure form when listing his wife's income.  During those years his wife earned over 700,000 dollars from the Heritage foundation.[1.]  If your wife brings home over 120,000 dollars a year from a right wing activist foundation, you should be declaring that on your forms.  It is illegal not to do so.   Clarence claims he wasn't aware of the filing requirement.  Is Clarence Thomas so ignorant of the law that he isn't aware of the fact that ignorance cannot be used as a defense in a court of law?  If he is not incompetent then he is disdainful of "mundane" acts of lawfulness and that arrogance should not be sitting on the supreme court.  Either way, incompetent or arrogant, Clarence Thomas needs to go. Official Equal Employment Opportunity Commissi...Image via Wikipedia
[1.] clarence thomas filings and the disclosure law

The Petition site: Demand the Justice department investigate Clarence Thomas

Sign the petition urging Clarence Thomas to resign

Send a letter to your Congressional Representative urging him to sign Rep. Murphy's Letter asking for an Investigation by the Justice Committee into Clarence Thomas

UPDATE 6/28/11
Alliance for Justice is calling for the Judicial Conference, an independent agency tasked with investigating ethical wrongdoing in the judiciary, to investigate Clarence Thomas.

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