Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm sick of Weiner's wiener

I'm disgusted with MSNBC, Lawrence O'donnel spent 40 minutes talking about Weiner's wiener picture then he moved on to John Edwards for the balance of the show.  Rachel Maddow who I just love to watch, spent 20 minutes on Weiner gate, that's when the TV got turned off.  The worst part of this it gave credence to that flake (I won't even print his name) who tried to slander that nice lady Shirley Sherrod.  Five American service members were killed in Iraq yesterday, the Israelis were shooting unarmed Palestinians on the Golan heights, the U.S. still has troops in harms way in Iraq and Afghanistan plus an armed conflict in Libya.  The republican party is trying to institute its own health care plan: Don't get sick, If you do get sick, Die quickly.  All across the country republican legislatures are writing laws restricting union, voting and abortion rights.  We have a huge deficit, and millions of un-employed and under employed Americans.  Meanwhile, our infrastructure is failing, the republicans keep repeating the idiocy that lower taxes creates jobs and they are destroying our future by cutting education funding.  Enough with Weiner's wiener.  Nobody should have spent more than 3 minutes on it.  No wonder we can't solve problems, our news coverage sounds more like Sarah Palin's word salad than an in depth reporting of the nations situation. 
So, the next time I turn on TV and see any part of Weiner or wiener, off it goes again.  One man's protest doing nothing other than lowering my own blood pressure. 

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