Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Daily Bread

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My niece came for a visit last week.  During dinner she remarked how my bread is better than her bread.  She liked the softer, chewier crust on my bread.  Bakers, love the hard dark crust on bread, diners, not so much.  For quite a while we've been baking our bread at 425 degrees, 30 minutes with lid on and 25 with lid off.   You still get a great chewy crust, but it's not hard like a baguette.  My niece sent me a text a couple days ago, and now our bread is the same.  She mentioned that she also has a problem with the dough sticking to the towel.  This can be avoided by sprinkling a little more flour on the towel and or sprinkling the towel with oats.   If your dough seems a little wet, dust towel with extra flour and add  1/3 cup of oats to the towel, and it should solve your stickiness.  Its usually when the dough rises in the towel for over 3 hours, that there is a problem with the dough sticking to the towel. 

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