Thursday, March 1, 2012

Translating the Republicans "new" Agenda

 Almost 2 years ago all the republicans talked about was jobs.  That changed as soon as the new republican congress was sworn in, now they never talk about jobs.  The republican led house has produced zero jobs, with zero jobs bills.  But the republican led house is very interested in women's health  and "religious freedom". Specifically, using "religious freedom" to deny women full access to "health care". Speaker Pelosi's blog produced this succinct translation of empty republican rhetoric. 

Tax reform  = delivering more tax breaks to millionaires and companies that ship jobs overseas.
budget control and entitlement solvency=ending the medicare guarantee and increasing costs for seniors
Repeal Obamacare=taking away patients rights and putting insurance companies back in charge
American energy=letting speculators increase gas costs and protecting big oils tax breaks
Reducing the regulatory burden and oversight=undermining food safety, consumer safety, clean air and clean water.
I'd add
   Republicans=tools of the 1%

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