Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Take the Pledge for Planned Parenthood

From Planned Parenthood:

We've had enough.

For too long, anti-choice politicians have worked furiously to undermine women's health and destroy organizations like Planned Parenthood that protect women's access to reproductive care. They've gotten away with outrageous attacks and flat-out lies in the hopes that nobody would call them out. And they've used every bit of power they've gained to turn back the clock on women's health.
No more. It's time to for women — and men who care about women's health — to stand up and speak out. Let lawmakers and candidates for office know that we will not sit quietly by while they attack our health and our rights. Sign the letter below — then spread the word.

To the 2012 candidates for office:
I hear what you are saying. I see what you are doing. And I'm watching...
I stand with the 157 million women and girls living in the United States. Women make up more than half of the nation's population, and we — women and men who care about women's health — are watching because our health and our lives are on the line. It doesn't matter whether we are rich or poor, old or young, black, white, Latina, or Asian. What matters is that we are watching out for each other, and we are watching political candidates like hawks.
The coming elections will determine the futures of us all — sisters, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, aunts, and friends.
That's why Planned Parenthood Action Fund can count on me. I pledge that I'll be one of millions of women and men across America watching, thinking, acting and voting to protect my health and that of my family, friends and neighbors.
  • I'll watch and listen to what candidates say about women's health care, and share what I see with friends and family.
  • I'll read between the lines of campaign propaganda to identify candidates who want to take away lifesaving health care like breast and cancer screenings and access to affordable birth control.
  • I'll demand that candidates support access to women's health care. I'll write letters, send e-mails, attend town hall meetings, wave signs... whatever it takes to make sure my voice is seen and counted and heard in this campaign.
  • And when the time comes, I'll VOTE for candidates who will protect all women's health care — including lifesaving and preventive care — and encourage my friends and family, women and men, to get to the polls on Election Day.
Take the Pledge
I'm sick of Limbaugh, Rick Perry, and the rest of the anti-women, anti-health care gang. I'm working to get them out of power. Join me and millions of women in saying, "No more."
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