Tuesday, March 13, 2012

End the War in Afghanistan

Senator John McCain:
How many additional civilian lives would have to be lost in order to convince you that the military measures of this kind that we are proposing are necessary," McCain asked Panetta. "How many more have to die? Ten thousand more? Twenty thousand more? How many more?"
 McCain was talking about Syria, but he could just as easily be talking about Afghanistan.  How many more Afghanistan civilians have to die?  Estimates for Civilian casualties by direct or indirect action of US forces are between 9,000 and 29,000 deaths.  Most of the sources state that these are underestimates of civilian casualties.  A US soldier, on his fourth tour of duty, with a traumatic brain injury killed 9 afghan children.   It's an unmistakable sign that our troops have paid very dearly with almost unbearable sacrifices for too many years.  A majority of American citizens across the country want this war to end now.   Sign the petition, bring our soldiers home, now.

President Karzai is demanding that  US forces leave rural areas of the country and talks with the Taliban have broken off.

Petition: End the war now, Mr President
Dear President Obama, accelerate a responsible end to the out-of-control war in Afghanistan, and bring all American troops home by the end of 2012.
Sign the Petition
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