Monday, March 26, 2012

ObamaCare Hits the Supreme Court

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The US spends far more and receives less favorable results from spending almost double what other industrialized countries spend in health care.  The US pays the highest share of GDP in healthcare costs 16% and also has the highest growth rate in spending of any other nation.  One US policy change that has a chance to change this disturbing trend is ObamaCare.  Republicans don't have any solutions other than to end ObamaCare and go back to health insurance companies refusing claims for pre-existing conditions.  Every Republican presidential candidate has promised to repeal health reform on Day One. That's what they're running on. Everyone, except Healthcare Insurance CEO's, benefits from ObamaCare.   Check out this interactive and find out what ObamaCare does for you.

How You Benefit

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Everything you need to know about the Health Care Act's Supreme Court Debut  (Ezra Klein)
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