Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rush Continues to Lose Advertisers

Rush loses 98 advertisers!!
According to the Atlantic Wire, Rush Limbaugh has deleted some of his offensive remarks to Ms. Sandra Fluke from his official archives.  This weekend we have received news that Rush now has lost 98 advertisers.  The right is still defending Rush and complaining about double standards and Rush's first amendment rights.  We are not talking about a poor choice of words.  Anyone can, and many have at one time or another, used a word that was instantly regretted.  This is not the case with Rush.  Mr. Limbaugh made a 3 day attack on Ms. Fluke in an attempt to shame and silence this young college student from speaking about contraceptives.  Ms. Fluke was not a national figure (until Rush made her one), an elected official or TV personality; all of which are "fair game" for political targets.  Rush Limbaugh has a national audience, Ms. Fluke couldn't even get on Darrel Issa's panel to testify about contraceptives.  Rush was acting like a bully, using his power against someone who was in essence defenseless to answer his attacks.  Rush may scrub his website but Americans will not forget.  If you already haven't signed please sign the "I stand with Sandra Fluke" petition by Think Progress

 Petition: We stand with Sandra Fluke,

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