Thursday, March 1, 2012

Protesting Romney's Arrival in Bellevue, Wa 3/1/12

Concerned citizens from Planned Parenthood, Washington Can, Working Washington and other citizens protested in Bellevue, WA  today.  Mitt Romney was due in town for a photo fundraiser at the Meydenbauer Convention Center in Bellevue. We gave him a  warm 99% welcome.  Amazingly, some guy in a suit, was yelling get a job, at the demonstrators who ignored him.  His angry words were the only unpleasantness in this friendly and peaceful protest of the 99%. 
Largest protest banner I've ever seen. 
the most artistic sign
This group came dressed as corporations and they were loudly cheered on arrival.
Part of the protest march through downtown Bellevue
We rolled out the red carpet but the limo's occupants drove away without exiting.
My friend Jay, spotted me in this photo, otherwise, might not have seen it.  Thanks Jay.
The Seattle P.I. captured me as I trudged uphill carrying my I Support Planned Parenthood sign.
Click here to see how a professional journalist covers a demonstration. Seattle PI, "Protestors at Mitt Romney Fundraiser."

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