Saturday, March 10, 2012

Secretary Vilsack is Putting Pink Slime in our Kids Lunches

My good friend Jay told me this story of preparing hamburger stroganoff while listening to NPR. Unfortunately, NPR was featuring the story of Pink Slime. Somehow, the idea that he was about to consume portions of Pink Slime in his finely prepared hamburger stroganoff didn't sink in until he finished the recipe and he sat down to eat.  Just the idea of Pink Slime completely ruined his meal.  This was my first exposure to Pink Slime. 
Take non-meat parts of a beef carcass, put it in a centrifuge, treat it with ammonia gas, and voila you have pink slurry, that can be added to hamburger without anyone knowing.  The USDA approved this product to be added to your hamburger, without informing the public.  The USDA also thinks this is a fine product to be adding to our childrens school lunches.

Gross out, extreme.  More than anything else, this demonstrates that the our government is run by corporations.  Instead of serving the public, the USDA has become a yes man for big business.  The USDA would not answer questions from ABC reporters or anyone else.   Aren't they suppose to serve the people?  Please sign the petition and keep this "food" product that contains no beef, or nutrition out of our kids lunches. 
Secretary of Agriculture, Thomas Vilsack
Secretary of Agriculture, Thomas Vilsack's phone number 202-720-3631

Credo Petition to keep pink slime out of school lunches
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