Thursday, March 8, 2012

Petri Dishes It Out To Rush

Alexandra Petri
Today, Rush Limbaugh has lost 42 advertisers.  (thunderous applause)  Alexandra Petri, a columnist for the Washington Post wrote an informative and interesting post that somehow Rush found offensive.  Rush felt the need to use some terms, that normal Americans refrain from.  So what did Alexandra have to say that so incensed Rush?

Advertisers learned something about Rush Limbaugh’s demographic this week.
“Here we thought lots of pleasant, upstanding people were listening to and enjoying the rational things Rush had to say,” dozens of companies said. “Apparently not.”
It turns out that people who really, truly still enjoy Rush Limbaugh’s show are — how do I put this? — jerks.
Read the rest of Ms. Petri piece here
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