Monday, May 9, 2011

the 12 "Democrats" who voted for HR3

Here are the 12 democrats who voted for HR3 and their home websites.  Feel free to let them know what you think.
   I've already written about HR3 here.
Jason Altmire D PA.
Dan Boren D. OK.
Jerry Costello D ILL.
Mark Critz D PA
Henry Cuellar D TX
Joe Donelly D IN
Tim Holden D PA
Mardy Kaptur D OH
Dale Kildee D MI
Daniel Lipinski D IL
Jim Matheson D UT
CMike McIntyre D NC
Collin Peterson D MN
Nick Rahall D WV
Mike Ross D AK
Health Shuler D NC 
wanted posters on the 12 "democrats" at

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