Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eric Cantor: No help for Missouri tornado victims unless spending is cut elsewhere

photo from cantor.
The reported deaths in Joplin, Mo are over 117 with over 232 people still missing.  The f5 tornado leveled large portions of the city.  I saw a picture of the Joplin home depot store, it didn't look anything like a building.  Whole blocks of the city have been devastated.

Amid the destruction comes this from Eric Cantor: no help for Missouri unless spending is cut elsewhere.  ??  Since when did Rep. Cantor have a problem spending money or increasing the debt?  Eric Cantor had no problem with the completely unfunded Bush tax cuts.  He had no problem cutting revenue and not cutting spending.  As a matter of fact during the Bush and Cantor administration the federal deficit doubled.  Eric Cantor also had no problem with running two wars on the credit card.   He also was perfectly fine with the big unfunded medicare part D that he, the republicans and George Bush passed.  Darn, that Eric Cantor also voted for the unfunded 700 billion dollar bailout of the financial industry when George Bush was president.   But the fact that his wife worked for one of the banks that got bailout money did not in any way influence his decision to give the 700 billion, surprisingly without 700 billion in cuts elsewhere.  So what is his objection to helping Americans in need now?  They are poor and not wealthy.  The average family income in Joplin, Mo is 39,500 per family.  So obviously, they are not in the top 2% income bracket and not part of the small segment of the population that the Republicans represent.  They did find a mere billion for Joplin by cutting 1.5 bill for electric cars.  The extra .5 billion was annoyance money for bothering the Republicans with minor matters especially concerning poor homeless people. 
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