Monday, May 9, 2011

Forgotten Afghanistan

I live in Washington state.  On several occasions I have written to Senators Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell and Rep. Jay Inslee about the forgotten war in Afghanistan.   You can not choose Afghanistan as  topic!!!  There is NO Afghanistan topic.  It makes me angry that our young men and women fighting and dying in Afghanistan are to be listed as topic: "other".   I have written them all about this glaring omission and they have not changed their e-mail forms.  You would think that sometime in the past decade someone would have noticed that we had troops serving in Afghanistan and that their constituents might wish to contact them concerning that conflict.  Perhaps you could send them a note.  How can we get our troops withdrawn from a 10 year war in Afghanistan if everyone pretends they are not there.
thank you

Senator Patty Murray D WA
Senator Maria Cantwell D WA
Rep. Jay Inslee D WA

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