Monday, May 16, 2011

Senator John Ensign, R NV Family Values

Image from politico
The Senate Ethics Committee released its report on the John Ensign investigation.
This is from page 65 of the Senate Ethics Committee report: (Emphasis mine)

"Senator Ensign had enormous power over Ms. Hampton. He controlled the sole sources of income for both Ms. Hampton and her husband.84 He controlled separate payments made on the Hamptons behalf so that their children could attend an expensive private school with the Ensign children. He had strong personal ties to the entire Hampton family as well. Ms. Hampton testified that the affair caused her considerable emotional distress, that the Senator was extremely persistent in seeking to continue it, that she never initiated any contact with the
Senator, and that if he had ended his pursuit of her after they were first confronted at Christmas 2007, the affair would have ended then soon after it began. Ms. Hampton testified that she became very despondent after the affair was first discovered (a fact Mr. Hampton confirmed),
and that the Senator would not stop, kept calling and calling, and would not take no for an answer. If the affair had ended when the Senator had first committed to end it, the likelihood that it would have led to the Hamptons being terminated from their employment would have
been greatly reduced, if not entirely eliminated.1"

Another shining example of "Family Values" at work.

The Committee ends it's report with a call to the Justice Department to renew their investigation.  The Justice Dept. in December of last year cleared John Ensign of any wrongdoing.?  (Is this the same Justice Dept. that can't find any illegalities in the financial collapse?)  Cenk Uygur sums up John Ensigns family values and connections to C street in this clip

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