Sunday, May 1, 2011

Who is paying for Huckabee's Repeal it now, Pitch?

Almost every day now for the past few months I've been seeing Huckabee on TV promoting his repeal of "Obamacare".  The website claims that they advertise on MSNBC, CNN, C-span,
 Fox, of course and Bloomberg.  Whose paying for all those ad buys?  They must have spent millions of dollars so health insurance providers can deny coverage to individuals due to pre-existing conditions.  Having 24 year old's getting health care on their parents policy is just too much?  Frankly, I'm sick of seeing Huckabee's smiling face shilling for the big insurance companies.
Update 6/9/11
Huckabee in 2004                     Image via Wikipedia Apperently, Hucks campaign "back room deals in the dead of night" and "forced on the American people, despite their kicking and screaming that they didn't want it." is not going well and a note of desperation has crept into their ads.  Now he's encouraging people to sign more than once.  "Sign even if you have already, signed the petition or called in".  If the healthcare insurance industry is running all these ads, we're all going to pay for them will higher insurance costs.  The cost of these ads certainly isn't coming out of healthcare CEO's bonuses.  We need single payer for all.  Give it up Huckabee!  Baptist preacher turns shill for insurance industry.
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