Friday, May 13, 2011

Pelosi & Cantor Spar, Cantor knocked to the mat, toothless

Round 1 Cantor swings this tweet
Cantor Press
While Republicans fight to cut spending @ Ramps Up Her Revenue Rhetoric
11 hours ago via HootSuite

He links to this page:
Today, Leader Pelosi claimed the growing deficit is due to “lost revenue,” when in reality the deficit was exacerbated by the Former Speaker’s out of control spending.

Rhetoric - Leader Pelosi: “... the deficit that was created by all of that lost revenue to the Treasury.” (Weekly On Camera, 5/12/11)

Reality - Along with President Obama, then Speaker Pelosi led the out of control stimulus/deficit spending
  • Leader Pelosi Helped President Obama Add $3.5 Trillion To The Debt During His First 2 Years In Office. “Just as President Obama signed and sent his annual Economic Report to Congress, the Treasury Department posted numbers that show the national debt has increased $3.5 trillion so far on Mr. Obama's watch.” (CBS News, 2/23/11)
  • Leader Pelosi’s Support For Unchecked Stimulus Style Spending Led To The Largest Yearly Deficit On Record - $1.65 Trillion. The White House projected Monday that the federal deficit would spike to $1.65 trillion in the current fiscal year, the largest dollar amount ever ... At $1.65 trillion, the administration's projection for the 2011 deficit is significantly larger than the $1.48 trillion estimated by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office a few weeks ago. In fiscal year 2010, the deficit was $1.29 trillion. (The Wall Street Journal, 2/14/11)
According to Eric Cantor the huge deficit is all Nancy Pelosi and President Obama's fault.  He fails to mention the 2nd depression that was narrowly avoided by bailing out our financial institutions.  He also fails to mention that Nancy Pelosi and President Obama bailed out GM saving automobile manufacturing  as part of our dwindling industrial capacity. 
Eric is swinging wildly and fails to connect on any of his blind blows.

Nancy laughs at his futile efforts and says"Apparently you have a hard time understanding words, so here are some pictures to help you out:"

She starts with a quick left jab to Eric's chin, catching  him completely unaware.
 Look the economic downturn, financial rescue and the Bush tax cuts are what is driving the deficit.  Wait, she hasn't even mentioned the two completely unpaid wars and the unpaid medicare part D gift to the Pharmaceutical companies.

Nancy lands a hard right with this one, Eric loses his mouthguard, and a tooth; his waxen face looks even more waxen.  He can't stand the fact that both he and George Bush are responsible for the vast majority of the debt. 

Delivering a huge  "Bush tax cut "  roundhouse she smashes his nose with the unpaid Republican RX drug bill.  Eric falls to his knees and says no more, you win, Nancy. 
Hours later when Eric could speak again, he said  "I could have won and should have, but she fought dirty.  Nancy used facts and figures showing the full picture.  She completely ignored my social feints and great   "drill baby drill slogans."   How can Republicans win when the full picture is shown?"

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