Monday, May 9, 2011

I get mail from Rep. Jay Inslee (D. Wa)

"Dear Mr. Sarbiewski:
Thank you for contacting with your concerns over the budget put forward by the Majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.  I appreciate hearing from you. 
On April 4, 2011 Representative Paul Ryan introduced a budget proposal for 2012 that aims to reduce our deficit on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens. Unfortunately this budget proposal represents short-term solutions that merely shift the cost to senior citizens and those most in need, instead of attaining fiscal responsibility through instituting cost control measures to solve our increasing health care costs and educational disparities.
The Republican budget ends the Medicare guarantee and replaces it with a voucher system where seniors go out into the private market to buy their own health insurance. According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, the plan would more than double the typical senior's out-of-pocket health care spending in 2022, compared to costs under traditional Medicare. The proposal also cuts elementary and secondary education by 25 percent, cutting extra reading and math help to 1 million low income children and cutting 10,000 teachers and aides. In addition the GOP bill Cuts college aid for nearly 10 million students , slashing the maximum Pell Grant award by more than $2,500 (45%), from the current $5,550  to the lowest level in more than a decade.  These grants are a vital source to ensuring our next generation is prepared to enter the workforce. It is my belief that Congress should look at our budget comprehensively and focus on ways to decrease health care costs by introducing cost control measures that work towards improving long-term health care benefits. We should also find ways improve education outcomes for all students, and continue to invest in vital investments to clean technology and transportation and infrastructure that have driven our economic recovery. "

 Every Republican in the house voted for the Paul Ryan plan.  The Republican gift to seniors:  No more medicare.

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