Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paul Ryan's "Path to Prosperity", is only a path of lower taxes for the wealthy and a path to the poorhouse and diminished care for 98% of Americans

The Senate voted on Rep. Paul Ryan's plan to eliminate Medicare and give tax breaks to millionaires today.  All but 5 Republicans in the Senate voted to eliminate Medicare and pass the savings on as tax breaks to millionaires.  The house passed Paul Ryans' "Path to Prosperity" 235-189.  Every democrat voted against the house and senate bill and all but 9 Republicans voted for it.  275 Republicans in D.C. voted to eliminate Medicare?   It's clear by their votes that Republicans have no idea of how the majority of Americans live.  They just don't see how vital Medicare and Social Security  is to the average American.  I'm not sure who they are representing other than the religious right, corporations and the very wealthy.  They will need all the money and cash they can get from the Citizen's United decision to hang onto their seats next election. 

In this video Paul Ryan tries to defends his plan.  Paul Ryan thinks that your 77 year old grandma, as a conscientious consumer is better at cutting costs than the government? Where did he get the idea that someone who needs heart surgery is a consumer and not primarily a patient?  The next time you break your leg, be sure and shop all the available hospitals and clinics to find the best price before they set your compound fracture.  Republicans are out of touch, people who need medical treatment are patients NOT consumers.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi won't let the republicans lie about their plan to end Medicare

Today, Paul Ryan accused Democrats of "shamelessly demagoguing"  and using "medi-scare" tactics.  Pointing out that Paul Ryan's Path to Prosperity, is only a path of lower taxes for the wealthy and a path to the poorhouse and diminished care for 98% of Americans is not medi-scare tactics.  It's the truth. Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize winning economist who writes for the NY Times has the best one paragraph description of the Ryan plan:

"What I hope regular readers of this blog understand by now is that the Ryan plan is, in fact, a self-serving piece of junk. It doesn’t add up — in fact, it would probably make the deficit bigger not smaller. And far from representing some kind of sacrifice of political interests in the service of the greater good, it’s a right-wing wish-list on steroids: sharp tax cuts for corporations and the rich, savage cuts in aid to the poor, and a gratuitous privatization of Medicare. And again, it’s technically incompetent along the way."
Paul Krugman

sign Senators Patty Murray, Barbara Boxer and Charles Schumer petition for keeping Medicare not tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.

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