Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Republican majority in the house passes HR3

Every single Republican voted for this bill in the house today.  Jobs bill?  nope.  Cancelling oil subsidies? nope
The party of small government: redefines rape, passes a tax increase on women and small business's, forces the IRS to monitor how women pay for their health services, and ban's abortion funding in D.C.

We all should be happy that Republicans have taken time out from their golf games and church socials to write legislation concerning Women's health.  Lord knows the weaker sex just can't do the right things on their own. Women need the solid paternal male outlook and accumulated wisdom to deal with life's challenges especially reproductive services.  In the past whenever I have a question about women's health, I've always turned to white middle aged conservative males to provide me with definitive answers about female reproduction issues.  Granted some of them are lacking clinical knowledge, and don't know a haploid chromosome from a zygote, but they all can quote lines from a bronze age goat herders manual that supersedes any requirements for any of that "messy scientific stuff."

Petition to Stop HR3 by Barbara Boxer and Kirsten Gillibrand

Link to Donate to DCCC: Protect Women's Rights Campaign

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