Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sen. Paul Unfunded Ryan says "huh?"

In this clip Paul Ryan says "we need to address the drivers of our debt".  He also claims that the reason we are running into the debt limit so soon is because of the spending spree over the last two years.  Mr. Ryan seems to forget his votes for two unfunded wars and the unfunded Bush tax cuts.  Did he also forget that he voted for the completely unfunded Medicare part D,  George Bush's gift to the pharmaceutical industry?  He should change his name to Paul Unfunded Ryan.  We can all imagine Paul Unfunded Ryan ordering a 15 course dinner then after eating the fortune cookie, complains he's had too much to eat.  Paul Unfunded Ryan , still oblivious to his own contribution, is still asking in wide eyed wonderment what is driving the debt.  Meet Chad Stone who is Chief Economist at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, where he specializes in the economic analysis of budget and policy issues.

Thank you Chad Stone
Even a quick glance at this chart displays the terrible price Paul Unfunded Ryan's and George Unfunded Bush's tax cuts and wars have inflicted on our budget.  Hey, Paul Unfunded Ryan, you and George Unfunded Bush is mostly what is driving this debt!!  Remember Budget surpluses, we had them when you and George Unfunded Bush first arrived in D.C.  An age old proverb states you save in times of plenty so you have something in times of lean.  George Bush: "I earned some capital.  I’ve earned capital in this election — and I’m going to spend it."  Paul Unfunded Ryan and George Unfunded Bush, spent all our capital.
Now Paul Unfunded Ryan wants to know what is driving the debt?  
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