Saturday, May 28, 2011

Paul Ryan's Priorities

This is my 100th post.  Fitting it should be about Paul Ryan as it was his right wing conservative wish list and lying (2.8% unemployment!!) budget that motivated me to start this blog.    It's estimated that 45,000 people die unnecessarily in the U.S. every year because they lack insurance and cannot get good care. [1.]  Every other industrialized nation provides health care for the entire population except us. [2.]  Now, Paul Ryan and the Republicans are saying we can't afford to take care of our seniors either?  Maybe not when large corporations like G.E., Bank of America and Exxon pay zero taxes.[3.]  Maybe we can't afford health care for our seniors when we give oil companies huge tax subsidies.  We all know what a tough time the oil companies have had lately.  Maybe we can't afford health care for our seniors because the tax rate on the wealthy is the lowest since the 1930's.  Paul Ryan thinks the "road to prosperity" is to lower those taxes even more and eliminate medicare. If Rep. Ryan was so concerned about the deficit how could he vote for two unfunded wars, the unfunded bush tax cuts, the unfunded Medicare part D. and the unfunded financial bailout?  All those unfunded votes of Paul Ryan doubled our national debt.[4.]  Wall street, corporations, drug companies and the wealthy benefited greatly from Paul Ryan's unfunded votes and now he wants the elderly to pony up and pay the price of his ridiculous eight year spending spree.    As recently as last August Paul Ryan wrote an opinion piece strongly urging that the Bush Tax cuts be extended.  The Bush Tax cuts are the single largest driver of our deficit.   Paul Ryan and his Republican cronies represent the richest corporations and the wealthiest individuals in this country.  If your not a corporation or in the top 1 or 2 percent Rep. Ryan has no interest in representing you and if you show up to protest will have you arrested.   Rep Paul Ryan and his wealthy clients feasted on an expensive 8 course dinner, then skipped out and left the check with the retired couple at the next table.

 [1.] Harvard Medical Study
 [2.] Institute of Medicine of the National Academies
 [3.] Bernie Sanders top-10-list-of-corporate freeloaders
 [4.]  George Bush doubles the national debt
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