Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Medicare, We'll all need it someday

From Prescription for Change"Getting our nation’s healthcare costs under control is important to reducing the deficit. But handing our healthcare in retirement over to the giant insurance companies isn’t the solution.
Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal – which already has passed the House – would privatize Medicare, giving future retirees a ‘voucher’ to buy health insurance. But independent analysts say that amount will fall far short of the actual cost of insurance and health care, leaving seniors to pay thousands out of pocket each year.
Meanwhile, the private insurance companies would spend millions to market their products to seniors, and will take billions more off the top in profits. Medicare currently is not beholden to CEOs and shareholders – only to the public and the seniors it serves. It should stay that way.
Tell your members in Congress to oppose the Ryan plan to privatize Medicare. A budget isn’t just about reducing deficits, it’s about our priorities and how we treat seniors and future generations."
      From Prescription for Change
 Sign the letter and they will send it to your senators and representative

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