Saturday, November 5, 2011

Apple Pie

Mikayla's apple pie
Our niece has been living with us while she attends a local college.  She has helped me make pies several times.  She decided to make one by herself and this is the impressive result.  Mikayla rolled out the pie using the plastic wrap, without any difficulty at all.  My method for sprinkling cinnamon on the crust has always been to hold the spice jar about 3 feet above the pie and sprinkle away.  Mikayla showed me a far more consistent method, she took a dry pastry brush and dipped it in the cinnamon and then rapped on the handle of the pastry brush creating a fine gentle spray of cinnamon that fell over the pie.  She was delighted with the taste as well as the looks of this well made apple pie. 
Mikayla's pie, ready for the trip home.
Apple Pie Recipe Here
Directions and photo's on how to roll out pie crusts using plastic wrap
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