Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rick Perry Wrong on Date and Wrong on Voting Age

Rick Perry was born one month after me, March 4, 1950. Youths of my age were all intensely aware of the voting age. Young men were drafted at 18 and sent off to war in Vietnam but they couldn't vote. June of 1970, when Rick Perry was 20, President Richard Nixon signed a law allowing youths 18 and above to vote. That law was challenged and taken to the supreme court.  In 1971 a constitutional amendment was passed, the 26th amendment, which lowered the voting age to 18. The right to vote was very important to me and most of my friends at the time and I don't understand how anyone close to my age could ever forget that the voting age in this country is 18 years.  It's just sadly not surprising that a governor from Texas thinks that elections are held on the 12th of November. 
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