Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rep. Joe Walsh (R) IL. Yells at Constituents

In this video, Family Research Council "True Blue" award winner Joe Walsh shows off his parenting skills by yelling, aggressive finger pointing and know-it-all attitude.  Rep. Joe Walsh  (R) is also known as a dead beat dad for allegedly failing to pay over 117,000 dollars in child support and also being way too important and busy to attend court hearings about his delinquent payments.  I greatly admired United States Postal Service employee Melissa Rakestraw, standing her ground and calmly presenting facts that disputed the yelling congressman's empty tirade.  She was a blaze of bright blue in a sea of red, angry rhetoric.  The citizens of Illinois would be far better served with Ms. Melissa Rakestraw as their congressional representative.  If she represents her district as forcefully and thoughtfully as she proudly represents the USPS the citizens of Illinois would  realize a huge performance increase for the same pay level.
Update, Video was removed but you can still watch Joe Walsh's outburst here, about 2 minutes into video, Walsh goes ballistic.

Ms. Melissa Rakestraw also appeared on "The Ed Show", she comes on 47 seconds into the video.  At the end of the video, Ms. Rakestraw quotes Rep. Walsh: "I do not care about the loss of public sector jobs". 

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins praised Rep. Walsh:
We thank Congressman Walsh who has voted consistently to defend faith, family and freedom,” “Congressman Walsh and other ‘True Blue Members’ have voted to repeal Obamacare, de-fund Planned Parenthood, end government funding for abortion within the health care law, uphold the Defense of Marriage Act, and continue support for school choice. I applaud their commitment to uphold the institutions of marriage and family.”

Last year the Family Research Council was labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. 
Apparently, male financial contributions to the viability of the family are viewed as optional by the FRC. 
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