Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Petition to Eric Holder; Stop the Voter Suppression

The republican party for the last 20 years has served almost exclusively the 1%.  The rich, old, white, not faithful, war loving republican party looked around and noticed that it was in danger of becoming a minority.   The 2011 census reported that whites are in a minority among new births.   Sensible people in a rational party would take a look at the policies their party supports and perhaps make some changes in those policies in order to meet the challenges of a shifting demographic.  Of course, republicans chose a different route.  The Koch brothers funded ALEC pushed union busting laws, and voter identification laws throughout the republican dominated state legislatures.  All these undemocratic measures are needed for the republicans to maintain their icy cold hearted grip on power.  In order to avoid a couple cases of  voter fraud in the entire nation we will dis-enfranchise millions of Americans.  It's all nonsense, this is about ensuring Barack Obama is not re-elected by  eliminating his base of voters.  Eric Holder can fix this.  Eric Holder can stop the republican sabotage of a strong citizen involvement in our democracy.  Please sign the Petition to protect Americans Constitutional Right to Vote
Sign the petition to Eric Holder to stop this wave of Un-American Voter Suppression.
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