Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thank you, Anita Hill

Hermann Cain is embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal and the loud and obnoxious right wing is rallying to Mr. Cain's defense.  There have been calls for the women involved to come forward, I hope these ladies realize what they are in for.  I've been remembering the Clarence Thomas hearings of 1991.  In 1991 I was a stay at home dad with a 5 year old and a 1 year old, and watched the hearings whenever possible.  I was impressed with Ms. Anita Hill.  She was called to testify before the nation concerning what she regarded as sexual harassment by Clarence Thomas or at the very least;
"behavior that is unbefitting an individual who will be a member of the Court."
It was clear to me that she was speaking from the heart. Ms. Hill was not treated kindly by many on the committee and was treated badly by the press. I was completely dumbfounded when Clarence Thomas was confirmed, I couldn't believe that senators could dismiss her testimony.  Ms. Hill also was not the only relevant witness, but the other women did not testify.   Of course, Mr. Thomas, just like Hermann Cain denied all  allegations and Ms. Hill endured a great deal of undeserved abuse.   A book full of lies was printed and published in order to smear her; "The Real Anita Hill" by David Brock."   David Brock, later recanted his book of lies and apologized.  You can read about Anita Hill's ordeal in her book: "Speaking Truth to Power" by Anita Hill.    Would we still be suffering under Citizens United if Clarence Thomas hadn't been confirmed?

Today, Clarence Thomas speaks at Koch Brothers fundraisers and has failed to disclose 1.6 million dollars from a conservative action committee paid to his wife.   Recently, 20 democrats signed a letter to the justice department calling for an investigation of Clarence Thomas's violation of the 1978 Ethics in Government Act.  In my opinion Ms. Anita Hill was both correct and prophetic when she said Mr. Thomas engaged in  "behavior that is unbefitting an individual who will be a member of the Court." 
Meanwhile, Ms. Anita Hill is a professor, teaching, law, women's studies and social policy at Brandeis University.  Ms. Hill also travels around the country speaking at fundraisers for Planned Parenthood.

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Sign the petition making the DOJ investigate Clarence Thomas' ethics violations
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