Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stop the Repubican War on Women, by Electing Women to the Senate

Visit the Winwithwomen2012 website here

Amy Klobuchar, member of the United States SenateImage via Wikipedia
Amy Klobuchar (D) Minnesota
The US Senate should be 50% women, it's not even close.  But this year there is a chance that we can make it to 20%.    Lets end the monopoly old white men have on the US Senate.  We don't need any more Mitch McConnell's in the senate.  Mr. McConnell and his republican cronies have waged a war on women's health, women's reproductive rights, women's retirement benefits and women's economic security.  The best way to fight the republican war on women, is to elect democratic women to the senate.  Winwithwomen has links to all the female senatorial candidates, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar,etc.  Check out the 11 women who are running for the US Senate here.
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