Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Governor John Kasich Should Resign via Wikipedia
Resign now John Kasich!
Governor John Kasich of Ohio, who campaigned on a jobs platform was just slapped silly with a 26 point loss delivered by his constituents.  Instead of working on jobs, the ex-Fox talking head crafted a bill that destroyed the collective bargaining abilities of unions.  The ex-Fox anchor had not run on a platform of attacking unions, but that was his first priority as a new governor.  Ohioans were outraged at the bills passage and quickly gathered a million and a half signatures to get SB 5 on the ballot.   Now his signature bill is flamed by irate Ohioans, what an embarrassment for the governor.  The second least popular governor in America, Kasich is polling about 30%.  If he had to run against his Democratic challenger again, polls show he would lose by 18 points.  With the governors 26 point loss today, those polls should be suspect.  Today, was a great day, for progressives, liberals, union workers and democrats.  United they worked hard to deliver a stinging defeat to a governor who wanted to rule the people, instead of serve the people.  Three cheers for Ohio!
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